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Mobile: 07743863915

E-mail:                             monotone

                                                                                           Brown Eyes                                                   Height: 5.8

                                                                                           weight: 208 pounds

                                                                                           Hair: Bald/Jet Black




The Blue Room                                     Aristocrat                                    

Three Birds Alighting on the Field        George Andreas                 

Puss in Boots                                        Lead Villain                      

The Caucasian Chalk Circle                 Fat Prince/Wounded Soldier

St Mary's University London
St Mary's University London
Chaplins Panto's
Mark Griffin
Michael Burhan-141.jpg


Turkish  [Proficient]

Hindi     [Proficient]

English  [Fluent]


What We Are                                     Director

Lessons In Love                                David Cunningham                         

Perspective                                       Director/Producer                          

A Long Time Gone                            Jason Masters                              

Operation Neon Sky                          Bouncer no 1                                

Sun Rise (Prelude)                            Karen                                           

Blood And Wine                                Contract Killer                              

Olena                                                 Boss                                            

Slayve                                                Henry                                           

A Day Within                                      Tez                                               

Locker 26                                           Chris                                             

SLAP OR DIE                                     Billy                                             

Children of men                                  Terrorist                                        

The Magic Flute                                  British Soldier                                 Bound To Be (Music Video)                Director

Brexit                                                  Journalist

Untitled MIB Spinoff                            Agent

Enigmar/ 8ft Ants
Enigmar Entertainment
Enigmar Entertainment
EON Entertainment
Danny Takher
Ashling Keane
The London Film School
Eat Grass Entertainment Ltd
Venita Kidza Productions
Reece Procter
Eat Gass Films/Enigmar Ent
Universal Pictues
Ideal Audience
Enigmar Entertainment
Film 4
Sony Pictures


Performance Skills: Voiceover, Stage Combat, Improvisation, Stunts, Host


Athletic Skills: Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Aerobics


Accents: British, Asian



Nerina Pallot Music Video                     Party Goer

Silent Hill:Genesis                                 Series Director                              

This Job For Hire                                  Michael/Mickey                             

Balls Of Steel Ep 1                                Himself                                         

Psychic Private Eye                              Drugged Up Killer                          

FWA TV                                                Frankie Capone                            


Springhead Film Company
Enigmar Entertainment
Enigmar Entertainment
Objective Productions
Frontier Wrestling Aliance


All Quiet On the Western Front                Muller                                          

Euronics Advert                                       Male 1   

Elvis Advert                                             Narrator                                          





I Got Gameplay                                    Lead Host                                      

The Untitled Movie Show                     Guest Host                                     

Smark Out Moment Podcast                Guest Host                                     

The Dace Man Show                            Guest Host                                     



Stuart Merry
Xgram Studios
Xgram Studios
The Retro Unlim Network
The Retro Unlim Network
Mega Powers Radio
Mega Powers Radio


St Mary's University Twickenham (BA) Drama and Theatre Arts


Goldsmith University

Foundation Drama and Theatre


City Lit

Voice Over for Commercials


FWA Frontier Wrestling Aliance

Stunts and Submission wrestling.







2010 - present

2010 - present

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